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We help our clients pursue their wealth management goals through careful advice. We offer our customized wealth management solutions to wealthy individuals and families, family offices, charitable gift programs, endowments and foundations. Call us at 972-386-6639 to schedule a personal wealth review.

Business Insurance

Universal Financial Group provides a service to our clients. If you have not had a claim in the past 5 years, we have a 96% success rate that we can save you at least 25% off your premium while providing you the same amount of coverage, same amount of deductible with at least or better coverage.  

Professional Liability

Are you paying to much for Liability Coverage?

To get started saving you money on your professional liability , we can get you a quote by simply sending us your existing application from your insurance company and your declaration page. From this information, unless something has changed dramatically, we will provide a professional liability quote. If completely satisfied (savings usually between 20-30%), you would then have the option of completing the application from the insurance company we would provide your firm.

Applications take precious time to complete and we want to show you a substantial savings before you take the time to complete ours. .

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