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We help our clients pursue their wealth management goals through careful advice. We offer our customized wealth management solutions to wealthy individuals and families, family offices, charitable gift programs, endowments and foundations. Call us at 972-386-6639 to schedule a personal wealth review.

The Last Great Tax Saver

 Taxes paid on gains can dramatically reduce your spendable income when you need it the most. Most people think that no matter what you do, you have to pay taxes on income from investments with ho exceptions. Tax Free Bonds or by putting your money into a Roth IRA. There are other Better Alternatives

Income Tax Free IRS 1040 form

Increase your income by 25-40% by eliminating the taxes normally paid to the IRS

While most money managers primary concern is investment return, albeit it is important to us as well, we also take a hard line look at the taxes paid and the overall effect it has on our portfolios. Tax deferred growth coupled with tax-free income is our primary goal. A dollar invested with a return of 100% for 20 years will create over 1 million dollars. If you were in the 10% tax bracket, it would create $375,000. And if you were in the 35% tax bracket, it would create just $22,000.  Taxes can have a dramatic effect and will reduce your investment account.

Tax free investment vehicles are available. Tax Free Bonds or Tax Free Mutual Funds provide tax free income but they also offer investment risk. Rising interest rates can  and have had a negative impact on your overall return.

Tax deferred accounts include the usual 401k's, IRA's or annuities. But they also offer some challenges as well. The income drawn from these accounts are Taxable. There are also penalties for early redemptions. There Are Better Alternatives. We create a customized strategic plan to provide


Our overall goal would be to show you how to increase your spendable income dramatically while alive by putting your money into tax deferred, tax free income producing investments that will increase the amount of spendable income you have in retirement and increase the income tax free capital that you can pass on to your family.This is done by using the right mixture of planning with tried and proven safe-money investment vehicles. With the right combination of planning and implementation strategies, you can increase your income by 25-40% or more.

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